DPS Logistics

Send by Air

Just fill in the “SHIP TO ADDRESS” as follows:


DPS Panama Air/Your Name

7854 NW 46th St. Unit 2  (must have UNIT 2 for air)               

Doral, Florida 33166 


*Used for basic orders like Amazon, eBay, West Marine, Defender, Walmart, Target etc.

Send by Truck

We have a truck that comes from Panama City every week and depending on how many items we have it could be two a week. This is the least expensive way to ship from Panama City. We also have a shopping service in Panama City for what you can’t get in Bocas like refrigerators, freezers, TV’s furniture. Let us know what you are looking for and we will get a price for you.

Send by Ocean

shipping ocean 2

Shipping Ocean we have two options, one is flat rate per cubic foot with a minimum of 20 cubic feet for $275 dollars and this option takes about two weeks. This can be great for batteries or anchor chain anything that is heavy and hazmat items.

The second way is by the pound it is $2.00 per pound with a minimum of $275 dollars and is shipped every week, the items must arrive at the warehouse by 10:00 AM on Thursday as the doors close and the container is shipped. It will arrive in Panama City in one week and clear customs that Friday and then be loaded on a truck and shipped to Bocas. The trucking fee depends on the size of the items being shipped.